Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, covers vehicle systems from lane departure warnings to adaptive cruise control. This necessary technology helps improve vehicle safety by tracking and sensing blind spots on the road and while parking. 

Absolutely not! You can save time and money by scheduling with our highly trained team of experts who will calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS with our state-of-the-art technology and equipment. 

Aside from a few luxury brands, we can service any make and model vehicle.

Only to an extent. While some safety systems may recalibrate themselves. To ensure that all ADAS are operating at required standards, it is very important to get them professionally calibrated.

Vehicle safety features have been constantly evolving and improving, so it is important to make sure the systems these features operate through are working properly. If you depend on your vehicle to assist you with warning you about your surroundings, you’re going to want to be confident that they are providing you with accurate information. 

Vehicle calibration can take anywhere from a couple hours to half a day, depending on manufacturer response time, so it may be best to be prepared to drop off your vehicle and come back when we are finished. 

Yes, safety features are covered under insurance, especially as related to body and glass repairs. If your vehicle does not require extensive repairs but needs to be recalibrated, it may be best to pay out of pocket to avoid an increase in premiums. 

Based on the shape, size, depth, material, and location of the crack or chip, our experienced technicians will assess the damage. If it is minor, we will repair it. If it is more severe or may lead to a compromised windshield in the future, we will recommend replacing. To be sure, you can upload a picture so we can assess the damage.


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