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Black Dots on a Windshield

What are those black dots on my windshield?

There are often many seemingly small features of our vehicles that we are unaware of. The little black dots on the windshield are towards the top of the list for a lot of people. You habitually look at these features during your daily commute, but what exactly is their purpose? 

What's the purpose of those black dots?

To begin with, the name of these black dots…frits. In most modern vehicles, the windshield is bonded to the frame with an adhesive strip. This ensures that the windshield essentially becomes a major component of the vehicle’s foundation. This is where the frits come in.

Frits are enamel dots that are baked on to the surface of the glass. Not only are they aesthetically designed to create a smooth transition from the small to the larger dots, but they also serve the purpose of creating a secure point of contact between the glass adhesive and the vehicle’s frame. The black dots keep the adhesive from loosening over time due to the friction and movement of the vehicle. 

Not only are the frits helpful in the adhesion process, but they also help with temperature control. The black paint on the adhesive section of the glass heats faster. The black dots prevent the glass from warping by helping to distribute the heat more evenly. 

What if the dots on my windshield start to fade?

If the frits on your windshield begin to fade, just keep an eye on them. If they look like they are fading significantly, it may be time to get them replaced. Although the likeliness of your windshield completely detaching from the frame, when it comes to vehicle safety, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. The biggest type of emergency would be in the case of your windshield having a crack or chip in it. In the case that you are unsure about the severity of any vulnerabilities in your windshield, you can get an idea of what to look for HERE. And, if you decide to get your windshield resecured or replaced, your Advanced Driver Assistance System will also need to be recalibrated. You can contact us to schedule an ADAS servicing!