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Why Does My Vehicle Need a Systems Calibration?

Does Vehicle Systems Calibration Really Matter?

When you need systems in your vehicle to function properly for safety and ease of use, you’ll be glad that it has been calibrated correctly! From automatic emergency breaking to adaptive cruise control, park assist, and more, your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are crucial to everyday vehicle use.

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How do I Know if my Vehicle's ADAS Needs to be Recalibrated?

For starters, if one of the following begins to malfunction in your vehicle system calibrations, be sure to schedule an diagnostic test:

Typically, these systems can begin to have issues if parts have been replaced recently, if you’ve been in an accident, or even extreme weather conditions, in rare occasions. However, if none of these issues are a possibility for your vehicle, there may be a less obvious reason for requiring recalibration. 

Whether you know which driver assistance systems are in need of calibrations or not, we can get you on your way, safely. Our state-of-the art ADAS calibration technology and equipment, paired with our highly trained and skilled staff will help you not only diagnose the exact need but also recalibrate the system. Once the calibration is complete, we carefully scan the systems for any errors that may have occurred in the process. Once we ensure that your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are in perfect working order, we will get you on your way! 

Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of Recalibrating My Vehicle?

We work with most vehicle makes and models, as well as most insurance providers. Our versatility and expertise enable us to provide you with the highest quality service. Your safety is our top priority, so we take the calibration of your vehicle’s safety systems serious. We understand that ADAS is a complex concept, so if you have any additional questions about the process, the need, or anything related, scroll down or visit our FAQs page. If you have a question that is not answered there, feel free to contact us, even if you’re not scheduling an appointment! 

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