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Cruise Control on Icy Roads

Is Cruise Control ALWAYS the Best Choice?

Cruise control was a great addition to vehicle basics. Not only is it convenient for ease of driving long distances but it can also help with gas mileage. Most vehicles built after the 1950’s – 1960’s are equipped with this feature. However, the question, especially during winter months in Michigan, is whether it’s always the best choice.  

The Dangers of Using Cruise Control on Wet or Icy Roads

We all know that cruise control is not ideal or safe for inner city driving, but what about winter driving? Unfavorable road conditions can affect your vehicle’s system’s ability to maintain a constant speed. Unfavorable conditions include rain, hail, sleet, and especially snow and ice. To avoid hydroplaning on wet roads and spinning out on icy roads, don’t drive with your cruise control on, regardless of how long of a straight-away you may have. 

Wet or icy patches can appear unexpectedly on the road and you may lose control of your vehicle before you have a chance to turn cruise control off. Because the cruise control will automatically keep your vehicle at what it thinks is a constant speed, if you hit a wet or icy patch, the system could continue to accelerate your vehicle’s speed. Instinctively, when you’re driving without cruise control, if you feel any lack of traction on the road you will immediately take your foot off the accelerator. Having cruise control on causes the driver to lose out on that very important quick deceleration. 

What If My Cruise Control Isn't Working Properly?

If the weather is ideal, then by all means, set your cruise control and drive with ease! And, if your vehicle’s system is having issues and your ADAS needs to be recalibrated to get your cruise control working again, please contact us to schedule a servicing!